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  • How do I reserve a puppy?
    Send us a text or fill out an application to start the process! 971.249.2645
  • When can I pick up my puppy?
    Our puppies can go home at 8+ weeks of age, depending on when each puppy is ready.
  • What if I can't come to Oregon to pick up my puppy?
    We can fly your puppy out to you for an additional $650. Our flight nanny will deliver your puppy to your preferred airport.
  • What if I cannot pick up my puppy on puppy go home day?
    We charge $35 a day for training and boarding after go home day.
  • Does the puppy come with a health guarentee?
    Said puppy has a 1- year health guarantee to be free of inherited genetic disorders- outlined in our contract.
  • Will the puppies come with vaccines?
    We administer dewormer and the puppies first set of vaccinations.
  • Can we come visit the puppies?
    Due to Covid and the Health & Safety of our puppies, we are not allowing visitors at this time. We are happy to Facetime at anytime. We will work individually with families who have a deposit to arrange visits.
  • Do you allow breeding rights?
    We offer breeding rights to approved breeders that meet our standards.
  • Are your parent dogs health tested?
    Yes! All of our parent dogs are health tested! All of our Dams & Sires have a full genetic panel of over 250 tests done through Canine Health Check or Embark. All of our Dams & Sires have OFA Hips and PennHIP testing. All of our Dams & Sires have OFA Elbow testing. PLEASE REACH OUT AND ASK TO SEE ANY AND ALL OF THESE TEST RESULTS!!!!
  • What socialization do you offer your puppies?
    SHAPING YOUR PUPPY'S FUTURE: ​ Early Neurological Stimulation - Days 3-16 Introduction to Socialization - Week 1-4 Water Therapy 3x per week - Starting week 4 Sound Therapy daily - Starting week 4 Texture Therapy 4x per week - Starting week 4 Grooming Therapy 4x per week - Starting week 4 Advanced Socialization: water, sounds, fireworks, textures, adult dogs, cats, child interactions, etc Puppy Ear/Gums/Tail Desensitization Nail Trimming Desensitization Temperament Testing - At 7 weeks
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